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Twitter's X-traordinary Rebranding: An Iconic Logo Shift That's Leaving Us X-static!

The internet has been abuzz since Elon Musk, the man behind the revolutionary SpaceX and Tesla, bought Twitter in April 2022. Musk has been known to play by his own rules and this time, he’s proving it with a brand new logo for the iconic social media platform.

On the 24th of July 2023, Twitter officially became “X.” Not just the name, but the logo too is now an X, simplifying things to the extreme in typical Musk fashion. The domain? You guessed it, But it’s the logo that’s catching everyone’s eye and sparking some hearty laughs across the digital landscape. So, yes, you can try the new domain

The original ‘X’ logo sports a minimalist impulse, featuring a stark black X on a contrasting background. It emanates paleo core vibes with crisp lines that remind us of Januz Miralles’ style, but also harbors an edginess resonant of CryEngine’s graphics. The logo is a powerful blend of the digital and the manual, using contrasting values to make the X stand out.

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X marks the spot! Welcome to the e-X-perience!

In response to Meta’s launch of Threads, Elon Musk swiftly maneuvered to regain the forefront, spearheading an innovative rebranding of Twitter.

While Zuckerberg might be immersed in the metaverse, Musk seems more scheptic. What do you think? Have you already tried to see if the metaverse is a place for you? You could even monetize your metaverse journey. Did you know?

Internet in Action: The Birth of Alternative Logos

Naturally, the Internet did what it does best and took this new logo for a spin. Alternative designs began cropping up, some ingeniously weaving the original Twitter bird into the X, showcasing the creativity that thrives in the Twitter-now-X community.

Tweet-X? X-weet? The bird isn’t ready to fly the nest just yet!

Among the flood of responses, one user suggested a DNA double helix inspired design. The tweet read, “My suggestion for the new ‘twitter’ X logo design – if the app is going to become such a mega app – central to our lives. Inspired by the DNA double helix. #TwitterX #TwitterXLOGO”.

 Others, however, took a more critical approach, one user quipping, “Brilliant. Someone has hacked Twitter and put some clipart as the logo. #TwitterX #TwitterXLOGO”.

In the flurry of alternative designs, another standout features a logo that embraces moody black and white aesthetics. It feels like it’s straight out of a queer academia textbook, with an ethereal minimalism that could only be described as #screenshotsaturday. It’s a perfect blend of Ilford XP2 and animated gifs, with a hint of rangercore.

Another design includes a logo with a cross and X in the middle. It’s a unique blend of Nick Alm’s minimalistic lines with Kieron Gillen’s storytelling aesthetic. It echoes the Vancouver school’s style with paleocore tones and, of course, animated gifs.

Then there’s a daring design, an open letter X icon that is both simple and striking. It capitalizes on digital symmetry and minimalist impulses. The icon provides a stark contrast between light and dark, reminiscent of scoutcore styles. It’s tattoo-inspired with strong diagonals making it both daring and distinct.

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How does AI describe the new Twitter X logo?

We asked Midjourney to describe the new Logo of TwitterX, and here are the results:

1️⃣ a black with the letter x on it, in the style of minimalist impulses, paleocore, crisp lines, cryengine, januz miralles, digital as manual, contrasting values

2️⃣ x logo x logo logos for logo design apps android, in the style of moody black and white, queer academia, #screenshotsaturday, ethereal minimalism, ilford xp2, animated gifs, rangercore

3️⃣ a logo with a cross and x in the middle, in the style of nick alm, minimalistic lines, kieron gillen, digital symmetry, vancouver school, paleocore, animated gifs

4️⃣ an image of an open letter x icon, in the style of digital symmetry, minimalist impulses, animated gifs, strong contrast between light and dark, scoutcore, tattoo-inspired, strong diagonals

twitter x midjourney

The Future of X: Beyond the Logo

The rebranding of Twitter to X has sparked intense discussion and creativity among the platform’s user base. Whatever your take on the new logo and name, this change has left an indelible mark on the landscape of social media. As we navigate this new ‘X’ era, one thing is for sure – X has made its mark, and we’re eager to see what this new chapter will bring.

Decoding the X Logo: A Blend of Artistry and Minimalism

The X logo, stark in its black and white simplicity, pushes the boundaries of minimalist design. Its aesthetics are reminiscent of paleocore vibes with crisp lines evoking a digital, yet manual quality. The logo’s CryEngine-inspired edginess combined with Januz Miralles’ artistry makes for a unique visual experience. Its contrasting values help the X stand out, marking the evolution from the chirpy Twitter bird to a bold, new insignia.

twitter x

The Legacy of X: An Iconic Shift in Social Media History

The transition from Twitter to X has sparked vibrant conversations and creativity among the platform’s user base. Regardless of personal opinions on the logo change, it’s clear that this rebranding has left an indelible mark on social media’s landscape. As we continue to explore this ‘X’ era, it’s exciting to see how X continues to shape our digital interactions.

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